Amid all the calamities and upheavals brought to us in recent times, a most lasting development will be the comfortable transition for most people to a life online. An organization’s website, often an afterthought, has now emerged front and center as a first point of contact for your supporters and visitors as well as a complete and engaging reference for your mission, outreach activities, archives and news.

With over 35 years in the tech industry, my background includes education in graphic arts, mathematics and computer science. I was on the scene for the early, heady days of Silicon Valley, and produced some of the very first applications for personal computers. After two decades of corporate jobs I am now able to be self-employed, by managing my ranch in Carmel Valley and also taking on private clients for web development.

My recent work includes websites for local businesses, professionals, clubs and non-profits. I have built websites that include eCommerce for donations, membership dues, product sales and event registration. I have also produced several online conference proceedings websites for the technical professional organization IEEE, which typically include integration with event registration, secure sign in for attendees, search facility and management of up to 2400 academic papers.

While many options may exist to hire a web developer (and you probably receive solicitations every day), I am here for the long haul and pride myself in giving personal attention and support to each of my clients.

Please feel free to ask for references from any of my clients. I look forward to helping you improve your game on the internet!

Susan Bancroft